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Large Paper Tape Roll

Large Paper Tape Rollstar rating 5BarbaraJuly 8, 2015Cupie my African Grey really enjoys his paper rolls. It seems to keep him from picking his feathers and as a result he is in nice feather condition. African Greys seem to enjoy shredding so this is an excellent toy for them.
Large Paper Tape Rollstar rating 5SusanJune 11, 2015Luna loved them. They're better than the ones I bought on other sites. Large ones you sell last a lot longer. The paper is thicker and she can play with it more without it shredding so quickly that it's gone in a matter of minutes.
Large Paper Tape Rollstar rating 5barbaraJanuary 18, 2015Thanks for quickly delivering the paper rolls for Cupie's toys. He's already on his third roll so it's a good thing I got a lot of them!
Large Paper Tape Rollstar rating 5LynzieAugust 3, 2012Yes, it came in very hands because the original one on the toy was destroyed in days!
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