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Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrol

Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrolstar rating 5BryanJune 25, 2017I really love this product. Started using Amazing herbs oil of oregano about a year ago for a sudden onset of asthma, and it has really been a godsend. I dislike bronchodilators and reluctantly used it when I was diagnosed with asthma. Luckily, I had a bottle of this amazing oil in my cabinet and started using it right away. This oil facilitated the breaking up of mucus which the recommended dosage of steroids failed to accomplish.and every time I feel any sort of tiightness in my chest Amazing Herd oil of oregano is my go to reliever.
Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrolstar rating 5FluturaMarch 26, 2017This oil is not a joke! Be careful when using as my mouth swelled up.. I putt a couple drops on my finger to apply on my gums and omg was I on fire! Maybe use a q-tip for the mouth if needed and little by little.. I just purchased it yesterday from a health food store in ny so I don't have results yet but I'm sure it's gonna work for my gums.
Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrolstar rating 3Ernest KingMarch 5, 2017I would like to see the independent studies about the cavrocol and thymol,I cant find many reviews on this product but it do seem to have some medicinal properties.
Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrolstar rating 5FreemanApril 1, 2016This oil is worth 10 stars it has so many benefits i
Oregano Oil 90% Carvacrolstar rating 5Nur21March 15, 2016Oregano oil has amazing health benefits . It always helps me with the colds and strep throat. I have weak immune system, so I get sick very easily , oregano helps keep me strong.
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