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Premium Black Seed Oil - 16oz

Premium Black Seed Oil - 16ozstar rating 4CassandraJune 11, 2018I'm going to do my review in bulletpoints mentioning both pros and cons to make it easier to follow along since i have a lot of thoughts on this brand of BSO. - 1st & foremost, I first bought what I thought was this oil on Amazon.. bad idea. The oil (as I've found with a lot of Amazon products) is just a cheap imitation/rip-off of this oil even though the label bares the name "Amazing Herbs". For all we know it was made in China somewhere & has virtually NO Thymoquinone in it. So I don't buy it from there anymore and stick to buying it direct from this site. - This oil has cured every little & big sickness I've ever had.. all but a UTI. I'm unsure why that is but I imagine it has something to do with the infection being in my bladder & not elsewhere in my body... basically not somewhere that waste gathers? Ended up taking Rx for it to resolve the issue quickly before it got to my kidneys.. - Because this oil is pretty much a natural antibiotic, I find that you need to take probiotics a cpl hrs after taking this. I only realized this when my breath started to stink after a while of taking this (I would've never known, thank God for 9 yr olds!) even with proper oral care and regular dentist visits. So now in addition to eating yogurt everyday, I'm in pursuit of a great probiotic to take after taking the oil. - This oil may have cured my sister's HPV. She was told she had it initially, then once she began taking BSO and went in for her 2nd/3rd round of gyn testing, they couldn't detect it. I found that quite interesting. - Last but not least, the oil does make you a tad sleepy.. at least for me. I find myself more lethargic than I was after having started taking it 2 yrs ago.. On the flip side, You'll never have issues falling asleep when you take this regularly. So if you have insomnia issues, hopefully this works lovely for you if you take it at night. I've also heard that if you have low blood pressure, to be careful while taking this, as the oil may lower it even more.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 16ozstar rating 5HannahApril 16, 2018I have been using this oil for a few weeks now. I take it just a couple times internally and in my own face cream that I made by adding it with tallow and essential oils. My skin looks pretty amazing and I am excited to see how it does with my insides. I will update when I start to notice the results after consistent usage.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 16ozstar rating 5KariMarch 18, 2018I love that this excellent black seed oil comes in glass rather than plastic.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 16ozstar rating 5anthony cilibertoFebruary 24, 2018i'm new to this,just on my (3)bottle.i found what every one is saying is happining to far i have no complaint's.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 16ozstar rating 5GerryFebruary 13, 2018Great product, excellent quality, but because I'm in Canada the shipping cost almost as much as the product.
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