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Premium Black Seed Oil - 4oz

Premium Black Seed Oil - 4ozstar rating 5RoseMay 27, 2017I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and I can already see great changes in my body. I am loosing weight and I sleep better and have more energy.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 4ozstar rating 5MarlainaMay 12, 2016My husband (he's Muslim & now I am too) told me about this stuff and I had some when we were in his home country (Algeria). He gave me some directly on a spoon, he told me it's really healthy and the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said something along the lines of; black seed oil can cure everything except death. I did some further reading on it back in the US recently and have read that black seed oil is not only good to TREAT heath problems but also can help PREVENT health problems as well. I could not locate this oil ANYWHERE in the normal food stores I had to special order it and got this specific product above through my local health food store, Sunflower Natural Foods located in Laconia, New Hampshire. I have been using the oil for nearly a week only now and just realized a couple hours ago after exercising that my bad knee doesn't feel in pain as it has been feeling lately and realized that black seed oil is supposed to help with inflammation. I have no way to really PROVE this but seeing another commenter below claim their aches dissipated after 3 nights in a row of taking the oil have me pretty convinced about this claim being true. I would also just like to mention that (maybe I am weird) but I started LOVE the taste of black seed oil. I mix it with my water just so that I can experience the flavor longer rather than just quickly by a spoon. To sum this up though, basically yea I love it! and definitely recommend this product :) Salam
Premium Black Seed Oil - 4ozstar rating 5ChristinaMay 6, 2016I've been able to use this in place of antihistamines And my inhaler. It's shocking how fast this oil will shut down a reaction. That's just been my experience.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 4ozstar rating 5TheresaMarch 10, 2014I am a brain tumor survivor 2x and went through radiation. I have had inflammation and asthma most of my life. I think this product has made me healthier and not full of inflamation and really does work. :) I feel great and continue to have clean MRI's!!!
Premium Black Seed Oil - 4ozstar rating 5AmandaAugust 20, 2013This has really worked for me. I wish that knew about this product earlier. This is truly a blessing to mankind.
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