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Premium Black Seed Oil - 8oz

Premium Black Seed Oil - 8ozstar rating 5GEORGE A WALTERApril 27, 2018I am a regular working family man that hates taking over the counter items. I did some research and came across Black Seed oil and the benefits. I have tried several brands to date over the past 2 years. This brand from Amazing Herb is by far the most potent and noticeable. Scale down the initial dosage to a teaspoon if your trying for the first time for the first couple weeks. Several symptoms are fading away and have not been sick ( down and out) in 2 years especially during cold and flu. More than that just feeling better overall. Also use the Black Seed / Honey and that stuff really works.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 8ozstar rating 5Nikki AshJanuary 29, 2018My husband and I LOVE this oil. My stepfather recommended it to us not even a month ago and we take it twice a day. Immediately I felt mental clarity and more energy. My appetite for bad food is no longer there. Ultimately I am extremely happy
Premium Black Seed Oil - 8ozstar rating 5RuthieJuly 9, 2017Quick delivery with meticulous tracking. Excellent product, it improves health and general well-being. Pricey but it works as intended.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 8ozstar rating 5AnnetteJune 22, 2017I was referred by a family member to use this product. I use to suffer greatly with allergies and arthritis. But I was determined to stop taking prescribed and over-the-counter medication for both. Just after a week of taking this product as directed I could tell the difference in my allergies-no more itchy eyes!! I could actually wake up in the morning and not be in excruciating pain from arthritis. And to top things off that memory fog that plagued me is gone!! I love this product and I'm thankful.
Premium Black Seed Oil - 8ozstar rating 5DeeMay 18, 2017my mother is loving the Black Seed oil she use it for helping her hair to grow, she said it's growing she see little hair coming up and the rest of her hair is getting thick. Thanks for an awesome product!
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