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RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***

RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Mike CharronJune 25, 2018Fabrication and welds look very good. Paint finish is A1, but a couple of taped joints were not removed and interferred with install. Lower cross bar would not fit, had to use a rachet strap to close a 1" gap. All easy fixes and looks good afterwards. Would recomend this product.
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5LouisJanuary 26, 2018it took me a couple years to actually pull the trigger and buy this . I had my Rhino up for sale with the idea to buy a Pioneer, went to the Honda dealer and tested them out but couldn't justify the price tag. I enjoy the comfort of the Rhino but now with the addition of another kid i needed extra seating, i couldn't be happier with the cage extension and rear seat. Theres plenty of room for 3 kids and the seat, it fits nicely in the bed without taking up alot of space. Cage took an hour to install after researching the web and getting tips from other installs, it was straight foward with no issues. One thing i would recommend it to buy a can of wrinkle paint because the paint does chip and scratch off easily, other than that im a happy customer.
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Tom SimmonsOctober 4, 2016I spend a lot of time looking at the different options on the market and even at fabricating my own or having a local shop build one. I couldn't be happier with my RhinoGiant cage extension. I don't believe I could have bought a better one for the money and I certainly couldn't have built one on my own that looked anywhere as nice as this one. I really like the rear bumper too, it looks great and provides added protection not found on most other cages. Highly recommended!!!!
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Anthony WilsonSeptember 7, 2016This is a nice heavy duty cage. One of the best on the market for the price. The only thing that would make this cage more desirable: If it were designed to allow the bed to dump.
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5AdanApril 8, 2016Awesome product, better than expected, looks great The frame mounts are great, took it on the trail and felt very comfortable and secure. followed YouTube instructions and had no problem installing it. Thanks for a great product rhinogiant .
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Jerry HuntNovember 2, 2015great product, easy to assemble for me and my 8 year old. well made. my only complaint was with shipping, they shipped me 2 right side frame brackets but they did overnight a right and left to make sure the problem was corrected but the replacement brackets weren't wrinkle finished like the tubes. otherwise great product, great customer service. would recommend to friends
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Daniel StephanApril 4, 2015Bought this... had it installed with about a million other things at my local dealer. They had no prob installing. Looks awesome, works great... nice tight fight and function. Only one suggestion... install a middle/ third seat belt mount on the middle cross bar above the end gate with the other two provided and NOT up above on the rear cross bar. Ive ground mine off as it not a good place to mount a third seatbelt mount for little kids on a bench seat in the rear box. It is HOWEVER a FANTASTIC spot to mount the spare tire carrier sold by Rhinogiant which you can mount on a 45 degree angle off the top rear cross bar in the centre. It makes the rhino look very Bad azz..... Awesome upgrade potential....
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5MichaelMarch 9, 2014Took 2 people and some time. A couple of the roll cage bars did not line up needed to drill some holes wider in order to fit. The directions are to desire but the you tube video rhino giant posted helped greatly! I recommend putting the whole roll cage together first,set aside then connect the brackets to the suspensions . Words of advice, when connecting the brackets to the suspension use a jack to lift the back of the rhino and winch the tire to the frame to keep the suspension lines up with the bolt holes , if that makes sense. ( I used tie downs) and do one bolt at a time ( I learned the hard way).
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5MarkMarch 7, 2014The cage seems to be well built and has a perfect match finish for my 06 660 Rhino, looks really great on it and is well proportioned. Great product all the way around and would recommend!
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 4Kris ThorsenNovember 24, 2013Good quality , decent fit . With the proper tools , takes 2 guys a couple hours to install .
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5kyleSeptember 3, 2013great cage at a great deal fit great thanks
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5DavidMay 22, 2013Great product. Went on in about a hr and I love it. Nothing but looks and attention from all here in North Georgia. Would Deffently buy again
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5DcMay 8, 2013Great product, easy assembly, and prompt delivery. Would dedinetly recommend this to anyone. Well worth the money for what u get.
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5Joe WilliamsMay 7, 2013Great cage for a great price. I basically put in on by myself over about 4 hours. Had to re-drill some of the holes because they didn't liine up exactly.The instructions definitely call for some guess work. Once its on, its a great product. The way it bolts to the suspension makes it extra strong. I would recommend this cage to anyone looking for quality for a great price. I would recommend putting the entire cage together first bolt the brackets to the suspension,and then attach the cage to the front cage and then the suspension brackets. Worked well for me. When attaching to the existing cage, loosen one side of the factory cage at all points so you can get the cross braces back in. Learned the hard way.
RhinoGiant Cage Extension *SOLD OUT***star rating 5TimMarch 12, 2013Really good quality product. Easy to install. Makes your Rhino look complete. 100% satisfied with it and the customer service. Will be ordering from Rhino Giant again. Tim from North Carolina
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