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RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**

RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5KristinJanuary 17, 2018Easy to install, we didn't have any issues lining up the holes. The seat is comfortable and seems high quality, and the harness is great for the kids as well.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5GunneyJuly 31, 2016This cage and seat kit are amazing. Went to the mountains of New Mexico and roads all over with the wife and 2 kids. Harnesses worked great as well. The cage was a little tough getting all of the bolts in, keep everything loose until you have every bolt started.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 4Jason HallOctober 6, 2015I really love the seat and the harnesses. I had to drill out the holes for the cage. Some of them were offset and didn't line up. Other than that it went on pretty easy. One side didn't line up as good as the other but it still looks good. My daughter loves it. Glad she gets to go with us now
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5Jessica WickenhauserJune 4, 2015Love it
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5AaronMarch 26, 2015Family deal is a great package everything you need. Great product.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 4jbMarch 25, 2015Looks great a little hard to install some of the holes need to be drilled bigger but a good buy
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5ClayJuly 23, 2014Awesome deal, awesome package. Easy to install and my kids love being able to go on rides with us. I can still fit my 3 and 5 year old, and the dog (he's a lab, in case you were wondering how big he is), in the back of the rhino. It's so comfortable for them, 9 out of 10 times they're unconscious in the back seat when we get to our destination. I've bombed around the mountains all the time, and the only issue I've had is on severe whoop -dee-doo's, the extended rear bumper thumps the ground. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. No better purchase for my rhino.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5Willis AdamsJuly 10, 2014like the cage install was easy. did have to drill out all the holes where the cage pieces slipped together but wasn't to bad. Seat installed nicely and looks great.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5Justin GordonJuly 8, 2014The roll cage seat combo is great. The kids love it and I feel safe taking them out on the trails. Well made and installed easily. I would highly recommend.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5Rocky MountjoyMay 7, 2014Great product cage went on easy leaving everything loose. Rear seat is very well made, easy install and kids love it. Had a little mix up on shipping but Jake kept in contact with me. Very satisfied with total purchase. Rocky Mountjoy
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 4Matt DugganApril 28, 2014The product shipped quickly and arrived in good shape. Cage Extension: I was able to put most if it together myself but required a second person for the last 2 bars that attach to the existing cage. This was a real pain, mainly due to re-aligning the existing crossbeam after putting the cage extension under it. I did have to drill out most of the holes just a bit so I could get the bolts through. Everything fit together well, but there is a gap of about 1cm between one connection of two of the tubes. All in all I am satisfied, it looks fantastic and does the job. Rear Seat: A breeze to install and looks and works awesome. Where I mounted the seat I did have to use a soldering iron to melt a bit of the plastic in the wheel well so I could put the bolt through, but this is because I mounted the seat pretty far back, and the hole I made is hidden from view. If your concerned about this just make sure the top of the seat is at least couple inches away from the tail gait and you should be fine. Harnesses: Easy install, looks and works great. When 3 kids are in the seat they can just use the lap belt which fits across the entire seat when using both outside pieces.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5MarkApril 16, 2014Easy to install. Seat is great for three kids or two adults. Have two Rhinos and put this package on both
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5MelissaMarch 14, 2014This product is great and looks awesome! It is very good quality and the seat is very comfortable. We received it within 2 days of ordering and got it all put together in about 2 hours! We noticed one piece didn't fit together quit right, so we called jake and explained to him and sent pictures of the problem. He had another one made and sent out and it's perfect! Thank you rhino giant and Jake for the great service and product! We will definately shop here in the future for our other rhino needs! :)
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5BillyOctober 27, 2013This is an awesome deal. Cage assembly was easy and it looks great. The rear seat is great, I can put my 3 kids back there and they ride comfortably.
RhinoGiant Family Deal *SOLD OUT**star rating 5Michael DOctober 22, 2013This is a great product, it was easy to install, and had extremely fast shipping! The roll cage itself is as secure as the stock one. I would be comfortable putting any of my friends back there to go on a ride! Thanks guys
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