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THE BIBLE'S MOST POWERFUL PRAYERSstar rating 5Ketelie AltenaJanuary 11, 2019Beautiful, powerful and God's inspirational words, this book increases all Christian's faith by all God's words. My Jesus is our God of Gods. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This book re-ensures me that God listens to my prayers and even though he does not give an answer immediately, he alsways answer his way. Keeping silence is always an answer from God. Waiting for him is an answer; immediate response is also an answer from the most high. Thank You, Mr. Betancur for such inspiration. Continue to be a recipient for Jesus our Lord. To be used to lift us all Christian's souls in this earth who face trials in their daily lives. Ketelie A. Altena, Social Worker, MSW & Counselor
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