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Kids Gumball Machine Costume

Kids Gumball Machine Costumestar rating 5GrannyNovember 3, 2016Very well made, the hat, so cute, but the head band was to small, i had a red head band, so i just took i hat part off the small head band, it has elastic and just slipped off easy and i transferred to her red head band,, fast, shipping when ordering , the girl suggested to go up one size , she said it runs small, but it must run true to size, it was long, and wider, but i bought stick on Velcro and fixed it so it fit her,, took a few seconds to put the Velcro on,,, and it looked great, next year she can wear it again,, she got so many complements, not just from the people giving out candy, but from strangers,, as we walked threw town, the gumball trick or treat bag, was sold out,, so i made my own, and it looked great i matched it, using colored pom pom's i put them inside base ball clear card holders, and taped that around a container that held pretzels, with the shape of a gumball machine, made a handle it looked great,,, she was very happy,,, me too, because it was very well made, she wore it to school too, put it in her bag,, crumpled it up, and when i took it out, it still looked good, didn't wrinkle,,, and it looked as good as the picture show on the screen,, I would recommend the gumball costume,, ( don't go one size up or it will be down to the ankle,, ) Great Product, and Great Price not to forget Great costumer service,, the girl was so helpful, and soooo nice
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