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Little Colorado Personalized Child Bookcase

Little Colorado Personalized Child Bookcasestar rating 5lisaXhaleFebruary 7, 2011I searched all over the web for a nice bookcase for my son who has a ton of books. Many shelves on the market are made of pressed board construction, but not this bookcase! Made of solid pine, this shelf unit far exceeded my expectations. The unique feature is that the shelves slope towards the back, which prevents books from falling forwad and off the shelf as a young one sorts through their "library". From the top to the bottom, the shelves get deeper and taller to accomodate awkward oversized kids' books. So easy to assemble! Took all but 20 minutes with a screwdriver. Very, very sturdy and nicely built. I opted for the Name option - although they are not painted on, but are nice stickers (which gives you the option to remove them later -- a good feature when your child outgrows the need for the shelf). In fact, this shelf could be used in a pantry to hold cookbooks, or in another room of the house. It's not tied to a "kids room". I purchased the "natural" finish, which looks like a clear varnish on top of the pine wood -- very pretty. This is my second purchase of a Little Colorado furniture product (bought the Captain's Toy Chest), and will be back for more items in the future. Before this purchase, I considered the canvas fabric bookcase, but keep in mind they don't hold many books. My son had close to a hundred books, and hasn't begun to fill all 3 shelves. We've even stacked his DVD cases on it. Love it...and highly recommend!!
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